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Special Permits

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Division of ABC Permits

The Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control recognizes that not all situations involving the “sale,” “transfer” or “consumption” of alcoholic beverages should require the issuance of a liquor license. However, at a minimum, these situations will demand that a permit be issued. There are countless types of “permits” issued by the New Jersey ABC Licensing Bureau (new types of permits are constantly being created to account for the evolving market). Below is a list and short explanation of some of the most commonly issued permits by the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control. For more information, call the ABC liquor license attorneys at Proetta, Oliver & Fay. Firm Partner and former NJ ABC Deputy Attorney General William C. Fay, IV, can be reached at 732.858.5857 and will gladly schedule a consultation regarding your concerns and needs.

List of Common NJ ABC Permits

  • Social Affair Permit
    • Only for events run by non-profit organizations;
    • Allows the permittee to purchase the alcoholic beverages to be served at the function from either a wholesaler or from a retail licensee who can sell package goods;
    • Alcoholic beverages must be sold in open containers;
    • Permitted to hold tastings and tasting dinners;
    • Limit of 12 one-day permits per year per organization;
    • Limit of 25 one-day permits per year per location;
    • Must have approval of the municipal police chief, and the clerk of the municipal alcoholic beverage control board;
    • Commonly issued to Club Licensees (“36”)
    • $100 per day for civic, religious, and educational organizations;
    • $150 per day for other non-profit organizations.
  • Special Permit for Golf Facility
    • Designed for golf courses which are neither country clubs nor government-owned
    • Golf course must have 18 holes, and be at least 5000 linear yards (i.e. not a driving range or miniature golf course)
    • Alcoholic beverages must be sold in open containers
    • Alcohol may only be served during golf-related events
    • $2000
  • Special Concessionaire Permit
    • For the sale of alcoholic beverages in facilities owned by the state, a county, or a municipality;
    • Permit is issued to a private vendor who has a contract with the unit of government to provide services to the public;
    • Currently exists on premises such as the Meadowlands, state college pubs, municipally-owned golf courses, marinas and similar facilities;
    • Alcoholic beverages must be consumed on-site;
    • Permitted to hold tastings and tasting dinners
    • May sell at off-premises events in open containers with Special Event Permit (up to 25 times per year)
  • Catering Permit
    • Allows a plenary Retail Consumption licensee to serve alcoholic beverages outside of the licensed premises;
    • Cannot be issued to a Retail Distribution Licensee;
    • This application must contain the written consent of the Municipal Clerk and the Police Chief of the municipality in which the event is taking place and the written consent of the owner of the premises on which the event is being held;
    • Only 25 Catering Permits may be issued in a calendar year at any one location;  
    • Events which qualify for Catering Permits must be for a single, special, non-recurring purpose, such as a wedding reception, anniversary dinner, Bar Mitzvah dinner or grand opening.
  • Bulk Sale Permit
    • Required when a person-to-person license transfer involves the purchase of an existing alcoholic beverage inventory by the new licensee;
    • Offers an exception to the rule that a retail licensee cannot purchase alcohol from another retail licensee;
    • Permit may only be issued after the license is transferred.
  • Extension of Premises Permit
    • Available for licensees who seek to extended the licensed premises to include a contiguous property;
    • Application includes information regarding the nature of the event, the location, and justification for the permit;
    • Permit operates on a temporary basis;
    • Application must be accompanied by a sketch that depicts the extended area as it adjoins the licensed premises.
  • Extension of License Permit
    • Issued in the case of a licensee’s death, incapacity or bankruptcy;
    • Allows the administrator of an estate, a trustee, or receiver in bankruptcy to take act as the licensee;
  • Festival Event Permit
    • Consumer alcoholic beverage festivals may only be hosted by a consumption licensee, concessionaire permittee or social affairs permittee;
    • The festival must provide an educational component relating to the type of alcohol being served or promoted at the event;
    • The application must be received by the Division sixty (60) days in advance of the festival date;
    • A festival session shall not be longer than four (4) hours in duration, but multiple sessions separated by at least a one hour break are permitted provided attendees are not permitted to attend more than one (1) four-hour session per day;
    • A consumption licensee, concessionaire licensee or social affairs permittee, as the “host” or “sponsor” of the festival, shall only be allowed to conduct up to two (2) festivals within a calendar year per licensee or permittee and only four (4) festivals per year per licensed premises.
    • For more information, call 732-858-5857.
  • Temporary Storage Permit
    • Issued to licensees that require additional storage space due to exceptional circumstances;
    • Application for a permit must set forth the location of the temporary facility, the length of time the facility will be utilized and the justification for the permit.
  • Ad Interim Permit
    • Licensees who fail to renew in a timely fashion may be issued this permit;
    • Allows the licensee to operate pending renewal of their license.
  • CO-OP Purchasing Permit
    • Allows retail licensees join together to cooperatively purchase alcoholic beverages;
    • Typically allows the licensees to qualify for a Retail Incentive Program (RIP) that they may not qualify for on their own;
    • The licensees must enter into a written agreement among themselves and must file such agreement with the Division of ABC before permit may be issued;
    • Requires a cooperative registration number.
  • Transit Insignia Permit
    • Allows a Retail Distribution License or Retail Consumption License, which is not restricted from selling package goods, to deliver the alcoholic beverages to a engage in home deliveries;
    • Deliveries must be made in a vehicle owned or leased by and under the control of the retail licensee and must have a Transit Insignia properly affixed;
    • Permits issued on a yearly basis;
    • Transit Insignia may not be transferred between vehicles.
  • Temporary Authorization Permit (TAP)
    • Permit to operate issued to entities that have not yet been licensed;
    • Typically issued to manufacturers (breweries, distilleries, wineries, etc.) who are awaiting federal approval but require lead-time to begin operations
  • Rehabilitation Employment Permit
    • Issued to individuals with a criminal disqualification who seek employment at a licensee;
    • Employee must be involved in the sale of alcoholic beverages.
  • Off-premise Storage of Records Permit
    • Allows the holder of this permit to maintain records of accounting off the licensed premises;
    • Should documents be demanded, licensee must still present records and documents to the respective authority
  • Consumer Tasting Permit for Wholesale Licensees
  • Minor Employment Permit
  • Sampling Permit
  • Solicitor Permit
  • Transportation Permit

NJ ABC Liquor License Permit Attorneys

If you are seeking to obtain a permit from the New Jersey Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control and require assistance, call 732.858.5857. Our firm can assist any liquor licensee with any ABC-related needs or concerns. Call today and avoid the headaches of tomorrow.

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